About Frisco Street Show

Frisco Street Show was established in 2002. Frisco Street Show was a old school record shop located in Daly City,California where you found all the old classic Bay Area Rap CDs also hard to find Rap CDs.We took pride in providing our customers Rap Cds before the release date, release dates was on Tuesday and we would always have them the Thursday or Friday before the Tuesday Release date. We sold cassettes, cassettes singles, CDs ,albums, 12inch Records, VHS tapes and DVDs.We branched off to two other cities and open two stores in Oakland (Oakland Street Show) also in Vallejo (Vallejo Street Show ).Frisco Street Show was also one of the Biggest Bay Area Rap online websites in the early 2000s where we sold everything from our stores online for the rap fans across the United States also in France , Japan, Europe and other countries.We released several CDs in the 2000s in order Planet Fillmoe, This is How We Eat (compilation) , This Is How We Eat DVD, Bonnie & Clyde (Messy Marv and Marvaless), 3 Da Hard Way (Jacka, Husalah, Marvaless, 5 Shot of Cognac (compilation), and 30 more CDs with Sumo Records distribution through City Hall Records (but these are the original albums that was solely from (Frisco Street Show ). Frisco Street Show consist of Showtime, Joe and Marv the guys who founded and ran the day to day operations. Now that it is 2021 I Showtime have repressed all the CDs/DVDs and have the Frisco Street Show t shirts, hoodies available for all the OGs Bay Area Rap Fans whom supported the label and any new Rap Fans that’s not familiar with the whole Frisco Street Show movement.