About Showtime

Showtime born in raised in San Francisco Ca , Bay Area (Fillmore District). In the 80s I open up my 1st Record Shop 1109 Fillmore street called “Toni Sounds of Records”i broke so many records I can’t think of them , I’m talking about theses artist very 1st albums - Too Short, Master P, E40, Totally Insane , RBL,11/5, Pooh Man ,IMP ,Dre Dog ,Spice 1,Chunk,GLP, Hugh MC,Cellski,415, Richie Rich , ,Luniz,Nwa, Run DMC , LL Cool J,Whodini, Rakim, 2Pac, Digital Underground, Jay Z,Hot Boyz,Outkast the list goes on. After "Toni’s Sounds of Records" in the 90s I open "Mo Music Fo The People" on Hayes & Ashbury in San Francisco and "It’s Goin Down" Record Shop on Divisadero & Eddy still selling Bay Area Independent Rap CDs & DVDs also Major Label Rap CDs. From there I started Urban Life Distribution where now I was distributing CDs & DVDs to Records Shops across United States (we distribute everyone CD & DVD from the Bay to La to Down South to the East Coast. I did that for a good while then in the 2000s I started “Frisco Street Show” , “Oakland Street Show” ,”Vallejo Street Show”Record Shops and www.Frisco street.com online selling Bay Area Rap. Once I got that going real good I started the Frisco Street Show Record Label where I put out over 30 CDs some withSumo/ Cityhall Records. Then came Hunid Racks Energy Drink & Hunid Racks Cigars. I been selling Bay Area Rap since the 80s and still love ❤️ Bay Area Rap til this day. My son now raps under the name “Show Banga” , it’s only fitting that he jumps in to the Bay Area Rap scene like his dad big Showtime. Please support My son “Show Banga” and continue to support “Frisco Street Show” & “Hunid Racks” Brands it’s a part of the Bay Area Rap History , im a apart of the Bay Area Rap History.

Ps: im still hustling im over 50 now and began a Vegan lifestyle and I started a new brand “Vegan Fo Life” www.veganfolife.com I sell Sea Moss and other healthy herbs that are good for you and keep you healthy (check me if u wanna start living a healthier life )