About Hunid Racks

Hunid Racks was founded by Showtime in the early 2000s. Even though the Hunid Racks brand was based out of the San Francisco Bay Area we crossed promoted with Rap Artist from various cities and states.Hunid Racks brand consist of energy drinks (Hunid Racks. Mac Dre Energy Drink, and 2pac Energy Drink) ,(Hunid Racks Cigarillo's and Hunid Racks Rasta Roots Backwoods Cigars). We would find independent Rap Artist throughout United States that was hustling their music connect with them on cross promotions send them our Hunid Racks Energy Drinks alone with t shirts , hoodies etc in return we would add them on to our Hunid Racks flyers & poster and put their music on our. Hunid Racks Cds,DVDs This would allow them to sell the Hunid Racks energy drink in their region and also get their face on a flyer with the Hunid Racks brand. No Rap artist was too big or too small (it didn’t matter to me ) if u was a hustler we can work with you period! No matter if you was in Virginia or Chicago or Tennessee.Hunid Racks is for The Real Hustlers from city to city to state to state , drink a Hunid Racks and get yo Hustle on. Hunid Racks was not a fade it was a movement (very big movement) and it’s here to stay , look out for  Hunid Racks Brand coming back to a city near you.